Wednesday, June 24, 2009

gray thoughts/silver lining

what a gray day today! guess it's a good day to play the "glad game" (disney movie: pollyanna)... what do i like about the color gray? hmmmmmm... let's see... well.... *gray/ can spell it two ways. that's kinda fun. *gray is close to silver, which i like because it's shiny and metallic. *umm... *did you know the pavement in Red Sqare is not red? i know. really random...
*i like ice, snow, and frost (at least to LOOK at!) oh, and dew drops. especially when they're sparkling in the early morning sun. and sitting in a spider web...
*i like the gray color tones of my weathered-wood shaked house...
(okay... so this picture looked grayer when i was loading it)
*mercury. i love the scientific qualities of mercury. it fascinates me! and so pretty-shiny! *and gray is a great color for tabby kittens...
*silver dollars. my grandmother gave me a (real) silver dollar every year for my birthday for a few years when i was small.
*mud puddles are kinda fun. when you have your rubber boots on. and you're in the mood to get wet. and maybe you have a brightly colored umbrella. and a friend.
okay. exercise over. i'm off to bohemia because i KNOW it's sunshining there.
have an awesome day, no matter what the weather is in your neck of the woods. and don't forget to play the "glad game"... yeah, i mean today. do it today!

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