Monday, June 29, 2009

colorful world

ahhh...the bohemian mountain: a palette of blues and a contrast of shapes... i am so in love with the colors of my world!!
one of the challenges for my card-making group is "black and white". my theme is:" i'm glad i don't live in a black and white world".
so here are some of the colors of my world...
i don't love the color red. most of the time i don't even LIKE the color red. but splashes of it wake up your eyes and your senses. and my fairy chimes are red!
i DO however LOVE purple. and orange. so of course these pansies called out to me.
unfortunately, they did not survive my black thumb. every time i buy plants then kill them, i tell myself, " i'm never buying plants again!". then the colors call out to me. they don't realize i'm a plant killer... so they gladly come home with me. yes, i always feel remorse...
blues are not my favorite but i do love indigo. and sometimes the sky is soooo blue it makes me want to cry. i love the ocean but our pacific ocean up here in the northwestern-most corner of the country is usually a gray-blue. in costa rica, however, the ocean is this lovely teal blue color i can't even begin to describe! and none of my pictures ever do it justice!
and these gorgeous yellow flowers that bloom out every early summer... they herald summer for me!
the blues in the nearby lake change every moment. and the texture is ever-changing also. sometimes smooth as glass, sometimes choppy as the ocean with gleaming white caps on every wave... PURPLEY-BLUE: (yes, mr. spellcheck, of course that's a real word!!)
these flowers grow in my sister's tuscan garden. (yes, the picture is sideways but all i want you to notice is the color!) this color, i love.
well... i managed to accidentally delete the other pictures of color in my world i wanted to show you. it is one of those technically challenging days for me. i have them quite consistently. one thing about me...i am quite consistent! *big sigh*
don't pass by the colors in your world today without noticing them...
as Alice Walker said:
"I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice it." wishing a rainbow of colors to you today...

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  1. Pretty photos--isn't it irritating when technology goes awry? For example, Blogger used to let me drag and move photos around in a post--but now it won't! Argh (deep breath...).