Tuesday, June 2, 2009

morning pages...may, 2009

the quote of the chocolate page: "hand over the chocolate and no one will get hurt!"the resident artist felt the need to share some pages from her daily journal. all her life she had been a failure at journaling... she would be so committed and faithfully journal every day for about 3 months. then...failure. months would go by and pages would stay blank. staring, accusing, abandoned... so when she discovered "glue books", a whole new world opened up to her creativity and imagination... and although she is still not faithful to it every day, she has freed herself of that particular expectation and now it is all about playing and fun!!! the "sunny yellow" page: collage of magazine clippings...
"caught in a swirl..." (the resident photographer apologises for the poor quality of the photos. she is a beginning photographer and has a cheapo camera. but she hopes you get the gist of it all.) rubber stamping and embossing, metallic acrylic paint and magazine clipping
her "20 things i love to do"... includes things like going to the beach, riding a ferry boat, tea partying, etc... colored pencils, markers, and magazine clippings
(again with the cheapo camera that won't take close ups) magazine picture of girl (adorable!) and magazine clipping of quote.
and lastly for today: her mission statement: "She could see no reason to act her age..." acrylic paint and glaze, markers, and magazine clippings
*don't forget to play today!!!!

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