Saturday, June 13, 2009

katie's pages

never forget your own uniqueness! contribute what you can...there is nothing else like it in the universe. * pages from my daughter's book i am creating for her. she is 17 yrs. old so these pictures are very nostalgic for me...
always take note of what makes you happy. don't let anyone take that happiness from you.
happiness can spring from anywhere! balloons don't cost very much. get yourself some, for happiness' sake. then give some away to someone else who needs a dose of happiness.
don't be afraid to express who you really are. if you feel like being weird, then do it!! what if it isn't weird at all, just someone else's opinion of what constitutes "weird"? then you would have missed out on all your fun weirdness, for no reason at all!
remember there's no one else like you. be yourself. no one can tell you're doing it wrong!
always follow your dreams. do what makes you happy. in the process, you'll make other people happy too.
happy dreaming to all and cheers to our uniqueness!!

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