Friday, June 5, 2009

a very bohemian day

What a lovely warm fun-filled day this bohemian had today! She traveled far and wide and had heart-to-heart talks and did crafty things with fellow artisans... It all started with the awareness of how blue the sky was! The green leaves of every tree paid compliments to the depth of color of the sky.
Not only that! The leaves of the ginkgo tree were dancing the shimmy... Oh, you should have seen them! It was a sight to behold, their dancing was. And because of that playful wind that set the ginkgo leaves dancing, the day was so much cooler than the day before. aahhhh...yes. coolness.
The bohemian's first wanderings led her beside the lake, winding around it to her fellow gypsy/artist's studio. This wonderful gypsy had lattes ready and off they went to her studio. Her studio with a view of the lake, I must add. What you see in the above picture is this gypsy's frog and fish pond with resident mermaid, all overlooking the beauty of the lake. mmmm.... creating art, with sunshine pouring in the window, rock n roll oldies belting from the radio, and a view of the sparkling lake.... how could one NOT be in the mood for creativity? Did I mention the lattes?!
The next leg of our bohemian gypsy's trip led her through farm fields and over valleys and hills to the sparkling waters of the ocean bay. There lived her sister in a house that reeked of Tuscany. And there on her sister's dining room table were the most beautiful peonies this gypsy had beheld in a long, long while. There was even a white one splashed with scarlet, like the kind that used to grow in her own gypsy yard! Oh and the smell.... heaven, to be sure.
And what was that extravagantly perfumed purple thing? All this bohemian could do was breathe in and smile. She could NOT stop smiling...
Her visit with her sister and their mother included (but was not limited to) coffee (yea! more coffee!), lovely egg salad sandwiches, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. The mother and the sister agreed that this was a very fine restaurant indeed! But the afternoon wound slowly to a close and so the bohemian gypsy sadly said her farewells and turned her heart toward home.
Still oh so comfy in her little denim sundress, she sat out in her very own backyard, in her very own lounge chair and treated herself to (some MORE) strawberries and whipped cream. And for variety she added a banana and a nectarine. mmmmmmmm...
She smiled oh so satisfactorily, rather a lot like the Cheshire cat, and her bare toes wriggled oh so contentedly...
Oh, yes. It had been an outrageously glorious bohemian day. yes, ma'am. indeed.

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