Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another grateful fling and more morning pages

more "grateful flings" : * the view traveling up the hill to this bohemian's home *that bohemian mountain majesty *hot, sunny unusual to this part of bohemia *the beauty of the nearby lake *the road that takes this bohemian along this place of beauty * God's variety of the color blue
* flowers and warm baths and any combination thereof
* God's variety of colors with which He painted the flowers
(morning page: ink, embossing powder, magazine clippings)
* variety of colored paints
* variety of art * metallics!!!
(morning page: ink, embossing powder, stamped butterfly wings, magazine clipping)
* the beach!
* fairies frolicking at the beach
* books in which to create morning pages this bohemian artist wishes playtime and art materials and beachtime galore to all her sisters, and many, many "grateful flings" in the days to come...

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