Tuesday, June 30, 2009

more sparkly emerald city

yes, bohemian was having a perfectly lovely day in the city! it was a resplendently beautiful sunshiny day and she was prepared: sunglasses, sweater... oh wait! didn't need that sweater after all! but oh, she wished for her flip flops!!! her feet got tired and sweaty in her comfy but hot black vans...
the flowers were delicious little color explosions everywhere she looked...
and she so loved all the sparkly windows!!!!
oooohhhh!!! in the flowerpot! delicious blue eplosions!
and WOW! very tall buildings, most all of them gray. but their glorious blue windows flashing sunlight made up for the whole concrete effect.
the bohemian's only regret was that there was no time to stop and play at her favorite parks, or play inside the science center, or visit the public market, or drool in any art galleries... maybe next time.
wishing lovely travel adventures to all...

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