Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a weekend with travellers

See this lovely tree? Wouldn't this make the loveliest spot for an outdoor room? This is my plan... No evil plot, this... Just a noggin full of wild ideas... But. How to make it waterproof? ! this is my bohemian mountain majesty. every day it wears a different face... I LOVE seeing it every day. Although some days it hides behind sequined curtains of dewy fog and lacey cloud. The colors of its curtains change to reflect the mountain's mood; sometimes being silver, sometimes purple, sometimes even a sinister black. today it is peeking from beneath a silvery shroud. ooohh! such beauty. well...the weekend with the travellers was sun-filled and busy! There on a small hill, in a shaded park, we served them tea and cookies and strong bohemian coffee. many a weary traveler stopped for refreshment and fresh air and to unkink stiff and sore hard-ridden muscles. and as it was Memorial Day weekend, we remembered respectfully and with intense gratitude the fallen warriors who protected the freedom of bohemia and beyond... and looked ahead to the future journey to bring aid and help to a poor family in a neighboring country. the bohemian sun shone gloriously upon our skin all weekend, although the night air grew cold enough for snuggling under fuzzy blankets. many interesting new friends were well-met here in this shaded park. what joy to know that people are, on the whole, decent, friendly, and interested in learning about each other. this bohemian's wish for all today is many, many more well-met friends in every place you travel on your life's journey. and don't forget to take advantage of the quiet, refreshing parks and waysides as you go... happiest trails to you all...

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