Wednesday, August 5, 2009

blessed life...

more berries, more bayou... that's our bohemian's day again. it's such a nice cool day today.
the bohemian left the bayou tired but happy. there was laughing and singing and sharing and dancing and lots of children's smiles... but now it was time to go to the market. where's her list? oh. here it is: parsley, deoderant for Her Honey, bread... oh! look at those nectarines! and grapes. and ice cream. oh man, fresh baked french bread. from the market, the bohemian travelled to the gas station: gas and milk. then home again, home again, jiggety, jog... oh wait! stop by Mama's Garden, the fresh vegie stand. yes, yes! tomatoes! the bohemian and Her Honey have tomatoes planted in their garden. and the bohemian had even stolen the first ripe one and ate it all by herself! but she needed MORE! cherry tomatoes, and a lovely bell pepper and a sweet onion. YUM! her gardener friend was there, so chatting and laughter and watching of adorable children. then home, at last. pizza for dinner, ice cream for dessert. cool 75 degree day. yes, the bohemian was a very happy lady today. driving home from the market, she realized how much she loved living in her valley! she drove passed the U-Pick blueberry field, the bicycle rider, the dahlia farmer out walking his dogs around the corn field, the swimmers headed for the river with their tubes, ladies chatting outside the post office... and her fabulous view of her bohemian mountain!! wow. she feels sooooo blessed! hope you do too. don't forget to list EVERY WAY you are blessed. it will make you so grateful and fill you with JOY! till next time... xoxoxo

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  1. bohemian:
    I adoreeeee the way you write and your enthusiasm
    yay for your blessed life and joy for it!