Saturday, August 15, 2009

journal pages...

there are some days... days where "it is what it is". today is one of those days. dark, gray sky; a little too cool in the house; headache & achy body; dishes piled in the sink; too wet to pick berries; crap on tv... journal page for days like this... remedy: go play in the craft room...cut and paste...have a little eye candy for breakfast...
what' in a big girl's toy box?
why, dress up clothes, of course!!!
now then. i feel so much better! the sky even looks brighter! isn't art divine? have a lovely day, no matter what the weather. don't forget that gratitude list, either. what we have is so much greater than what we don't have. blessings on you all...


  1. it always amazes me when I make the choice to change my mood as you did. we have so much power.

  2. shari! i was sad to read your comment on my site, thinking that you thought for a minute that I unfollowed you. if I did, i have not idea how that happened! I logged into google and clicked FOLLOW again, so I'm back on board! sorry to have you wondering. not sure what happened... :\

  3. LOVE love love your art journal pages and yes your mood can change when you get yourself into creative ways.
    I hope you are doing okay, I am not sure what you meant in your comment but see I am here celebrating YOU!
    Soul hugs