Thursday, August 27, 2009

things that make me smile:

i love to smile. and if it leads to a laugh, why that's even better!! these are some of the things around me that prompt that sort of response from me... this little sweet thing is (was) a "giggle ball". it used to giggle the cutest little kid giggle i have ever heard! no one who heard it could keep from laughing. all you had to do was bump it to make it belly laugh. of course, to my deepest regret, we wore the poor thing out! i just couldn't bear to throw it out! so now it just sits and smiles sweetly. i can't help but smile back...
this is one of my little travel make-up bags. i love the black and white contrast and all the swirly-ness of the pattern.
this is my parasol!! my daughter bought a few of those white paper parasols you can decorate yourself. so this is my version...and it makes me smile so BIG! no one esle anywhere on earth has one like mine. it makes me so happy! and my oh my, you should see it twirl!!
yes, i still have a troll. an OLD troll. i hope you're not easily affended by nudity. i have no idea where her clothes are! of course she's a girl...she has pink hair!! look at this can you NOT smile back...
my butterfly pillow. it just makes me want to pick it up and squeeze it every time i walk by it. what things have you surrounded yourself with that make you smile and, better yet, laugh out loud? i'd love to hear about them!
wishing you smiles, giggles, and belly laughs tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow after that...

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  1. I have a travel bag that's similar, it has little black and white Eiffel Towers against a swirly background. Wish I had one of my old trolls. I don't think they came with clothes, did they? I used to make them little vests and dresses out of felt and fabrics. Love your butterfly pillow. It's nice because you couldn't hug a real butterfly, they're so fragile.