Wednesday, August 12, 2009

wandering the country road...

our happy bohemian made her way to the boondocks to the bayou for one last day. although it was raining for the last two days, today was bright and sunny. it was a beautiful half hour drive to the little a-frame church. the bohemian was sad for it to be the last day but also glad. she was tired. but the "good" tired, like when you've got something big accomplished.
she dismantled her "red sea" that all the little fishermen had "crossed through". she folded up the blue tarp "sea water", folded away the "rock" sheets. away it all went into boxes, to await the next time it was needed to spark little imaginations. away went all the little sea creatures, the sea weed netting, the frogs, the crocodiles, butterflies... as she left the little a-frame church, she realized she was oh so hungry! so she stopped at the little espresso/deli and got a yummy ham & cheese melt and an iced latte. she sipped and smiled and sipped and sighed...boy was she contented! the drive home was beautiful... she slowed down to watch the mama deer and her wee babe cross the road and disappear into the woods. she stopped to take pictures of the lovely clouds and the beautiful mountains and charming farm buildings..
there under an old apple tree, she spied a lovely yellowish green, wait...many, many green apples all fallen onto the soft mossy grass under the bower of the ancient apple tree.
on she travelled past the giant round hay bales...
the stately evergreen trees, the weathered old barns...
the tall green corn stocks with their shocks of golden hair...
a stop at mama's garden fruit and veggie stand yielded up some lovely cherry tomatoes.
arriving back in bohemia with a few less tiny tomatoes (they had leapt into her mouth!), she was greeted by her loving cats, hoping she had brought them a smidgen of something to eat. she finished off her delicious iced latte and sat down to unwind and relax. an episode of "bones" and the movie "independence day", a little blackberry picking, some blueberry picking...
the remains of a very lovely day... blue sky, morning glories, dahlias smiling in the garden, the sun on her skin, ginkgo leaves dancing in the breeze. heaven must be like this.


  1. My oh MY you live in a gorgeous lovely indeed!

  2. yes that is heavenly!
    let's be grateful.