Saturday, August 8, 2009

small graces...

i get so inspired by dawn over at thoughts from along the broken road and her "grace in small things" lists! she does it every day and i know i can't do that but here's a list for today: * picture windows! i LOVE my huge windows! right now from my computer, i can see outside my house: green trees, blowing in the wind, on a backround of greyblue mountains. just above the mountains hang these white puffy clouds rimmed in a contrasting edge of dark blue. accent colors: pink flowers, yellow leaves, terra cotta colored bricks of the front porch. * hot coffee. two spoonfuls of honey, a dash of half and half. mmmm. i learned to drink coffe in haiti. they served it very strong, with raw cane sugar syrup. yes. just right. * Blue Mountain Grill. right at the end of my country road sits a little highway cafe. it's so nice to be able to go less than a minute from my house and still "go out" to eat. living out in the country, you get used to everything being far away. a trip to town takes up at least half your day! and don't get me started on traffic and road construction because this is supposed to be a gratitude thing here!!!! hurray for our little cafe! * My Honey. i just don't know how to explain how incredible it is to be married to such a wonderful husband! this is not a small grace but a big giant huge grace! he has humor, faithfulness, honor, compassion, good looks and a contagious laugh. and a dash of romance in his soul. love that man of mine! * my children, who are no longer children. -my oldest daughter, jessie: bohemian like me, fun, artistic, a little eccentric like me, dramatic, loves tea shops and parasols but is in NO WAY prissy! married to a romantic gamer who loves her drama... -my oldest son, aaron: redneck, carhart man. a dramatic, charasmatic charmer married to a beautiful girl who puts up with his redneck BS and brings out the tender side of him. not in public, of course...he has an image to uphold! -my younger son, brandon: clown, comedian, full of life, full of joy, full of humor. goes through life making sure everyone is having fun and laughing... his gorgeous girlfriend is as ornery as he is and they are a perfect matched pair! they keep us entertained and laughing... -my youngest daughter, katie: only one at home now. beautiful, funny, compassionate, and has such a servant's heart. she loves to do things for other people. we've travelled all around the world with her and she makes friends wherever we go. hmmmm... long post with no pictures. next time...more pictures. i promise. don't forget to be a joy rebel, a grace observer, a wonder noticer, a bliss hunter, a gratitude lister, and full-on participant in life....


  1. Beautiful description of "small graces" which are not small at all. You're blessed with a charming house, landscape and family - and these are the huge graces in life.

  2. 'a wonder noticer' I LOVE that. There's a blogger I read regularly who also does the grace in small things and it is beautiful to read all the grace she sees in the world.

  3. i couldn't follow her link it seems broken and now i am so curious about her.
    yours are big and beautiful!