Tuesday, August 4, 2009

time for another gratitude fling:

* i am sooo grateful for my fan!!! we don't have air conditioning. we rarely need it. so when we have had this heat wave here in the northwest, our fan made life bearable! * our favorite game farm is in Bandon, Oregon. West Coast Game Farm...if you are EVER anywhere near there, stop in and pet baby wild animals! we've cuddled baby bengal tigers, a baby black leopard, baby linx, a baby cougar...not to mention all the deer, goats, & llamas that just run around loose waiting for you to feed them.
* next year's firewood which will keep us toasty warm!
my daughter (she might be a tree nymph...)
my other daughter (she might be a bohemian like me!)
my cozy cottage in my little village with the wildly wonderful views
my bower...
what are YOU grateful for? come on, take a gratitude fling, won't you? betcha can't do it and not end up with a big smile on your face... i double dog dare you...

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