Wednesday, August 19, 2009

randomness in bohemia

boy does the bohemian feel scattered today! so here's a bunch of randomness for this lovely summer day... RANDOMNESS #1: look at this flower-love the bohemian recieved from her Honey! good thing she got a picture of them! in her Honey's best effort to preserve the life of this gorgeous dahlia plant, he planted it in the garden (our bohemian forgets to water things...) because it's the bohemian's chore to water the garden every day. so they would get water. every day. it was a nice theory. the ugly slug monsters from the neighboring evil kingdom snuck over and devoured the poor things. it's the thought that counts, right!? RANDOMNESS #2:
the lovely musing mermaid, carmen @writing from life (visit her from my "blogs i follow" list at the side of my blog page) chose our bohemian's name for her giveaway! look at all the lovely things she won! plus a lovely blank journal, too... the little fairy in the bottle sits on the windowsill in the bohemian's kitchen and makes her fairy magic every day.... oh, that makes the bohemian smile/giggle/grin!!!
purple in the grass in bohemia... how magical is that? RANDOMNESS #4:
the bohemian takes the time to check the list...
simplify? baby steps, yes.
read? oh, yeah. LOTS of lovely blogs!
use chopsticks? yep.
fill the room with flowers. definately! don't forget to ENJOY? she tries every day...
"she was stranded in a fog of words..." and so the bohemian is off to enjoy the rest of the random day... a nap, the fair, constructing her outdoor room. it's sure to be a lovely day. hope your day is delightful!!!! i'd love to hear about it... bubble magic and sunshine wishes to you all....


  1. Wow, can I ever identify with the "fog of words"--I'm an editor by profession and I'm currently in a London-sized fog of words! I'd rather be playing!

  2. I love the journal pages and the vision board list.
    and i think the person who send that litlle something for you really really likes you and appreciate YOU specially your approach to your bohemian life ;-)
    you know I am pretty sure that anonimous follower is me, let me see i am going to play with my settings and you will see ;-)
    Take care, okay?
    and don't forget that you are loved.