Saturday, August 1, 2009

fabulous bohemian skies...

the evening skies over my bohemia have been so incredible lately!! thought i'd share some with you... this next one actually brought on a thunderstorm!!
the colors and light were so magical...
ahhhh! ooohhhh....
mmmm... bringing some coolness to our overheated valley!
"Deep sky is, of all visual impressions, the nearest akin to a feeling." -Samuel Taylore Coleridge feelings: contentment, peace, excitement (the thunderstorm), awe, gratefulness, joy... life is grand, isn't it?


  1. Shari! I love your blog! I hope you are doing good! It was good to see you today even though it was brief at the VBS. See you more this week!

  2. thanks, janine! thanks for peeking in at my blog. i have a lot of fun just playing here.