Sunday, August 30, 2009

magic playdate...

the bohemian and her magic playmate went out to play... they soaked up their vitamin D on the warm bricks of the front porch while they tried to decide what to do for fun... they decided they would go exploring. there was so much to discover in their own back yard...
what was this weird and wonderful magic "thing" they discovered in the grass? was it something the faeries had left behind? what kind of magic did it perform? the bohemian squeezed it gently and out came magic dust...was it good or evil? she couldn't tell. and her magic playmate didn't have a clue either...
does anyone know what it is? the bohemian and her magic playmate picked some juicy berries, taking care not to be pricked by the evil spell-binder vines that guarded those lovely blue-black gems.
next they ventured on to the luscious transparent plum tree, which was absolutely loaded!!
the magic playmate decided to climb up and pick some. oh, they were delicious indeed!
then the magic playmate discovered some faerie plants growing beneath the ginkgo tree and tried to crawl up to touch the lovely orange-colored berries. "Oh no!" cried the bohemian! "don't touch those berries! your skin will begin to itch terribly!" she scolded. she knew this from experience, when the royal children had tried playing with the colorful berries years before. they came running with tears and complaints to their bohemian mother, who rinsed their stinging hands under cool, clear water and healed them with hugs and kisses.
and so the magic playmate heeded the bohemian's warning and climbed back down and was safe. they went on to have many more adventures that day. the bohemian will post more of them later, if you care to join in on their fun... at any rate, DO have you OWN fun adventures with your own magical playmates and tell us all about them... another piece of wisdom from cynthia copeland about the important stuff her kids taught her:
"if your feet don't touch the ground, let them swing." our bohemian's feet rarely the touch the ground when she sits in all kinds of chairs! and she gets teased when she swings her feet like a child, but swing them she does, none-the-less. and she has fun while she's doing it!! never let someone else take your fun away by pretending to be more "grown-up" than you. they are BIG-TIME missing out! don't you miss out, too.


  1. what a wonderland you have going there in bohemia! :o) the UFO looked like a mushroom of some sort, perhaps that roasted in the sun for a bit? the berries looked scrumptious... hope all is well!