Thursday, August 20, 2009

she went to the fair

the bohemian morning had started off so weirdly... the sun came up over the bohemian mountain in a haze of red. everything was strangely red-hued. so the bohemian tried to photograph it but her camera filtered out most of the red (but not the haze, naturally). she was gazing at the most scifi scene she could ever remember. the sun was translucently red, like a jelly bean. but glowing... (insert music from twilight zone here...). the bohemian picked more blueberries and then worked awhile on her outdoor room (pictures will follow when she has it done...) but the heat drove her indoors. she put her achy head on ice and meds, then took a nap. and then it was time..... she went to the fair!!!
first thing she did was watch the horse show. she LOVES the draft horses! aren't they magnificent? these dark ones were her favorite. she loves the way the ground feels when they run them around the arena.... thunderous! and that rhymes with wonderous....
what else she did:
*visited the reptile room and chatted with a hissing cockroach, and various gorgeous pythons and boas. there was even an elf frog who looked for all the world like someone had squished him flat.
*ate a black cherry ice cream cone
*listened to scottish bluegrass
*ate a BBQ beef sandwich and corn on the cob for dinner
*had an iced latte (while watching the horses run)
*marvelled at the llamas and alpacas... some of the coolest animals on earth...
*visually feasted her eyes on the artwork and photography...we humans are oh so creative!!
*wound down the everning with a decaf coffee @ 10pm while waiting for the daughter to be done
things she did not buy but really wanted to:
*light-up bunny ears (her 17 yr. old daughter would disown her...wait till the grandkids come along! she shall have her bunny ears yet!)
*jingle-jangling belly dancing waist scarf
*henna tatoo or airbrushed tatoo
*light saber
*elephant ear
but she DID find this darling pixie who had just won herself a magic wand!
then the pixie went on the carousel with her auntie who happens to be this bohemian's daughter-in-law.
are they not the darling-est?!
the bohemian bid good night to the fair at 11pm and headed home to bed. what a fun-filled day. hope yours was, also. what was your favorite thing at the fair this year? i'd love to hear.
some photo hunt finds:
sky art:
a heart waterfall cascading down over our woodpile...
the first sign of fall: baby berries on my tree that decks itself brilliantly every autumn
these berries turn wine red and then the grosbeaks come and feast!!! it is so much fun to watch them. hope you find something FUN to watch today. summer breeze love to you all...


  1. Oh yay, the know I love me some fairs! And my heart-shaped leaf is, I think, from a morning glory...

  2. lucky you!
    I LOVE Fair time ;-)
    hugs sweet you!