Tuesday, August 25, 2009

summer? where did you go?

the bohemian mountain this morning... oh so blue and almost hiding. but the bohemian still got a lot of chores done! she watered the garden, even though it looked like mother nature might take care of that... she emptied her compost bucket into the magic compost pile and turned it over with the royal shovel, to discover new lovely black moist dirt. she plucked hazelnuts from the ground under the royal tree before those evil blue jay-monsters could steal them. she hulled them and hung them in the royal red mesh bag to dry. she took up the royal nutcracker and opened last years stash to use in her banana bread. she stirred and mixed and smashed and splattered, then baked up the banana bread batter. mmmmm... she can smell it baking. she cleaned up the royal kitchen herself, as the kitchen fairies had never once lifted a hand to help in that room. then she cleared out of there so that the royal princess could make a batch of no-bake cookies. you know it! she had to clean again later. but yummy goodness sure makes it worth the effort! hope your day has lots of yummy goodness in it! don't forget to REVEL in it and say YUM! as loud and as many times as you want, no matter what kind of looks you are getting from other people... they are just jealous of your pleasure! one last look at the mountains...is that a tease of clear sky there at the top?! hope so!


  1. And I baked chocolate chip cookies today, yum! It was too hot, really, but the cookies are ALWAYS worth it!

  2. Gorgeous photo of the mountains!

    I loved this line: "she stirred and mixed and smashed and splattered, then baked up the banana bread batter."